ProBackdrop is a Latvia based brand created by photographers for photographers. We have been successfully in business since 2019.

Our goal is to create original, universal and easy to use backdrops for photography that we would love to use ourselves. Having more than 10 years of professional experience in the field of design and photography has taught us that a compact, high quality and easy-to-use backdrops that can be used repeatedly are an absolute must-have.

Paper print outs wear and tear quickly and are not moisture resistant. Since we are designers at heart and our basic objective is to find creative solutions for everyday problems, we have created our own product.

Our backdrops are printed in high resolution on vinyl composite material with matted plastic coating and opaque PET layer which allows us to achieve the desired characteristics - lightness, compact size, as well as moisture resistance, making it a great fit for all type of product photography, including beverages.